Uprising festival 2017

What a way to end our Festival Summer. Uprising was BIG. I had a great link up w/ Bay C from T.O.K. who is touring Solo right now to promote his EP "Rise of a new king". I had the honor to step on stage right after him and di energy level was still set up expert level! We see you soon people.

NEW EP - Info

As we toure Europe we definitely don´t forget to feed you w/ new music. Rekall & Bassrunner are working an an new EP including 7 NEW SONGS. To be released in Fall 2017. More infos soon.

Glasses: Gloryfy unbreakables

NEW EP - Info


Team up for Sziget Festival. Team Austria destroyed it w/ performances from DJ Smo (Jugglerz) / Father Diaz (O.S.F. Sound) / C - Black (Ras Sound) / Adam (Bassrunner) and Rekall. People take our promises we will come back!!!!!!!

Hill Vibes Festival 2017

One more time you can see what love and dedication can reach. Rasta Hill Camp been running their Hill Vibes festival again. Rekall with backvocals & LIVE Band. Thanks to each and everyone who made that possible. It was a lifetime experience. Line Up: Rekall - Turbulence - Randy Valentine - Mykal Rose - Anthony B - Rebel Musig and many more.

Special thanks to: FIREMAN CREW Backing Band!

Memories / Sunsplash Vienna 2017

No words needed! Hold a vibes w/ one of the greatest of all times. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley.