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The visuals for "Step by Step" are out! Taken from the album UNIFICATION.
Rekall ft. Danjah - Step by Step

have fun watching it!

Unification (Album 2021)

Reggae Ambassador REKALL is litterally living the title of his first album and represents unity on each of the 13 new songs. UNIFICATION features Jamaican reggae legends such as Anthony B, Turbulence and Perfect Giddimani, but also greats such as Million Stylez, Bobby Hustle, Danjah and Austrian slalom vice world champion Manuel Feller. Produced by the world-known reggae studio House of Riddim, this album takes the listener on a journey thru equality, justice, faith, peace and love. Or it just gives you a good time!

The Features in alphabetic order:

  • Anthony B (Jamaica)
  • Bobby Hustle (USA)
  • Danjah (Sweden)
  • Deliman (Austria)
  • John Dizzy (Austria)
  • Kijo (Austria)
  • Manuel Feller (Austria, Slalom-Vice-World Champion)
  • Million Stylez (Sweden)
  • Perfect Giddimani (Jamaica)
  • Sam Gilly (Austria)
  • Turbulence (Jamaica)
  • Vearz (Austria)
  • 3gga (Nigeria)

Out Now on all digital platforms! Listen & buy here

Puls4 Musiktipp | Rekall

Wie einige von euch vielleicht schon bemerkt haben läuft seit 01. Februar eine kleine Doku über mich im Fersehen :) 

Puls4 Musiktipp. Zu sehen den ganzer Februar untertags auf Pro7, Sat1, Kabel1, Puls4 & Sixx. Wers verpasst kann es natürlich auf meinem Youtube Kanal nachschauen!

Sendungsverantwortliche: Verena Grether
Präsentiert von: Bassrunner Music
Produziert von: Lukas Plöchl
Danke: Christian Endl

Changes Gonna Come ft. Deliman [Official Video 2021]

Ganja Love Remix ft. Million Stylez [Official Video 2020]



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Hello, my name is Rekall and I am a Reggae/ Dancehall Artist from Vienna. For 15 years I’ve been the lead singer of the Band Royal Kombo and in the last couple of years, I launched this solo project.

For a long time, I’ve been building my musical carreer whilst working full time. Now, I am finally braving it to go all in. After 13 years, I quit my job to pursue music professionally.
3 weeks after that we had the first lockdown in Austria which ruined all my plans.
The cancellation of all my concerts in 2020 has led to me missing out on 80% of my income this year.

Music has already taken all of us through tough times and so, we all know how important music is in general. It’s the reason why I’ve been making music for more than 20 years! I am not aiming for the charts, but for people. I wanna motivate, help, push or catch you with my music.
My first year as a musician appears to be unexpectetly tough. And that’s why I started this crowdfunding project. At the moment I am working on an album which is gonna be released in the early stages of 2021. For this project to take place i need your help. Every small amount helps me as a musician and my album and for that I wanna thank u very much.